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Since its first publication in March 2017, SACCIA® Safe Communication has received significant attention by the public media. This media coverage provides additional resources for you to inform yourself about communication that will keep you safe. Read and listen to the most recent media coverage on the homepage of SACCIA author Professor Annegret Hannawa.

A detailed evidence-based account of SACCIA Safe Communication is provided in the 2-volume DeGruyter book series: "New horizons for Patient Safety: Understanding Communication" (Volume 1  for physicians, 2017) and"New horizons for Patient Safety: Safe Communication" (Volume 2 for nursing, 2017). The books are also available in German.



Here are our upcoming introductory "SACCIA on tour 2018" courses. Sign up early.  Space is limited. 

Stuttgart, Germany
Friday, 16. - Saturday, 17. February 2018 
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Hamburg, Germany
Friday, 04. - Saturday, 05. May 2018 
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Berlin, Germany
Friday, 22. - Saturday, 23. June 2018 
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Stuttgart, Germany
Friday, 20. - Saturday, 21. July 2018 
Language: German​ 
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Zurich, Switzerland
Friday, 07. - Saturday, 08. September 2018 
Language: German​ 
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Vienna, Austria
Friday, 19. - Saturday, 20. October 2018 
Language: German​ 
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